You and your marriage

A healthy marriage reforms a family and transforms a nation

Husband and wife learning centre of House of God fellowship Church invites you to its weekly meeting of Husband and Wives with the theme: “Keeping your marriage in good shape”

To properly and practically touch on various marital issues in its weekly teaching, Rev. Chris Onalo has classified marriage into 10 categories. Is yours any of these?

  • Wife or husband of a business manager, business director, civil servant or politician
  • Wife or husband of a very busy career man or woman
  • A complete housewife
  • A working class house wife
  • A house wife running a business
  • A husband and wife managing business together
  • A wife of a jobless husband
  • A wife who is a student and her husband is working
  • Single mother wife
  • Due to be but not yet wife or husband
  • Wives and husband whose marriage are bleeding to the point of collapsing

This is the first time in marital history that marriages are classified in this order, essentially to identify and recommend appropriate solutions intelligence peculiar to individual marital conditions. Your marital case, experience, obligation and privilege cannot be appraised the same way as that of the other person, hence the classifications.

The weekly teaching affords you the opportunity to

♦ Hear more, learn more and experience more of the things that keep a marriage in happiness, enjoyment and blissfulness and all staying antidotes that keep a marriage away from conflicts?

♦ May be you are new or old in marriage. Do you want to know what really are the marital responsibilities, obligations and privileges that you owe to your spouse and family?

♦ Essential marital ingredients or therapies are discussed at weekly meeting ignites life, strength and vitality into an already suffocating marriage.

♦ At the weekly meeting, you learn new ideas that keep a marriage healthy and repair a broken one.

♦ As a single aspiring to get married, there is a question for you, “what kind of a wife or husband do you want to be?

♦ Like qualifications needed for job employment; if you are looking to get married, your full knowledge of what it means to be a husband or wife actually raises the prospect of you getting easily attracted to a man or woman.

♦ In your journey to get married, there is a roadmap. If you are willing, our roadmap can lead you very successfully.

Rev. (Prof.) Chris Onalo, the author of Best Selling Book

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