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About House of God Fellowship Church

Under the spirit-led leadership of Prof. Chris Onalo (Nigeria’s first Professor of credit management) and his assisting pastors, House of God Fellowship Church has been full of activities with strong impact on her members, the immediate community and even the larger public since inception. Identified and known as “the Righteous Living Church, HGF leaves no one in doubt as to its true position, continually stressing the truth that one only experiences genuine peace when one open-heartedly follow all of God’s word to the letter. This however is a choice which each individual must willingly make as it is a well know fact that the church does not belong to the group of “soft gospel”. There is no quick fix for God’s blessing here. “To be God’s person, one must abide in His word. You must be interested in His word, hear the word and do according to His word;” Prof. Onalo has been quoted as saying. On the 3rd of October, 2004, the House of God Fellowship Church held her first service with just 4 people in attendance including the founding pastor.

Prof. Chris Onalo, prior to the House of God Fellowship Church, was a member of Assemblies of God Church, Kiri-kiri Town, Apapa, Lagos where he at various times served in various capacities such as a deacon and secretary to the church board amongst others, for over ten years.

Being a core businessman and creative entrepreneur managing a number of companies, establishing and overseeing a church was probably one of the least things Prof. Onalo expected to do. The closest he was to this was the Encourage Plus Ministries which he pioneered, not as a church, but a forum for motivating and encouraging people with little or no hope through regular publications and seminars since 1988.

As it turned out however, Rev. Chris Onalo, a professor of credit management, was called by God to establish and pastor a church with a mandate to “produce his kind for the kingdom”. He couldn’t resist God and after three years, the House of God Fellowship Church was born in 2004. The Church is a registered body with Corporate Affairs Commission, and by 3rd of October, it held its first service with full support of the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria. Professor Chris Onalo not willing to be regarded as “unqualified pastor” still had to squeeze out time to attend Faith Bible College, Nigeria and Hawaii University, USA where he bagged bachelor degrees in theology and Christian education respectively. This is aside from his other multiple secular qualifications in academic and professional fields.