HGF Unit of Activities

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Parents and Children

HGF complements the effort of parents in guiding the way of their children, through sound scriptural teachings which emphasize righteous and holy living.

We passionately teach godliness, respect for elders and positive attitude to life.

Married Men

We regularly organise programmes aimed at building capacity of men and young people to advance and make success in life, manage and lead their families well, succeed in their chosen career, and taking the path of truth, trust and honesty which do lead to promotion and favour in workplace.

Husbands and Wives

We teach and preach the word of God that encourages husbands and wives to continue to live together in righteous love, oneness, understanding, faithfulness and respect for each other.

Married Women

We teach wives of men how they should love their husbands according to the word of God; how they should keep their homes neat, their own personal neatness, relationship with extended families and how they should be wise in managing family finances, among others.

Bachelors and Spinsters

We prepare young people who are up to marriageable age for marriage and teach them the responsibilities in marriage. They need to know it…not just getting a husband or wife. They need to know all that it entails. Through this forum, they can also locate the wife or husband of their God-given choices. Single mothers are also helped to find God’s favour.

We hear and teach the teachings of Jesus Christ and we do them.
We run the following weekly activities: please join us:


8.00am – 9.00am


9.00am – 11.00am

Women’s Meeting

5.00pm 7pm

Bible Study